Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

We just got back from Boston for our annual trip to visit Justin's family and enjoy a town that has no end to the stuff there is to do. Here is what we did:

Caught up with friends and family at the annual party under the big white tent! The boys wrestled with friends and family at the same party.

Got tears in my eyes as we approached Gilette Stadium. I defy you to love football and not have this reaction. It is the Emerald City of football stadiums.

Saw a humpback whale and learned what "TAIL BREACH!" means. It's what the captain yells when a whale flips its tail a good way out of the water, and it's something I'm going to yell randomly from now on when something exciting happens in my life.

Watched Richie get seasick for the first time. Then immediately afterwords, heard the captain say, "I'm sure you all won't mind if we go six miles further--but the water's going to get rougher because there's a storm at sea." Richie was like, "Noooooooo!" And then a second later, we realized the Dramamine was in the bag I was holding and that Richie had just thrown up in.

Played T.V. tag with my nephew Brendan and J.J. Every time, they chose Dinosaur Train or Polar Express and the clue was, "trains." It was like stealing candy from a baby. To be fair, I chose Sesame Street every time.

Toured Paul Revere's house in the North End of Boston. Learned that when it was built, it was a mansion, but by the time the Reveres bought it, it was middle class. Keeping up with the Joneses is nothing new!

Ate pizza in the North End. Started to agonize over our restaurant decision before realizing you can't really go wrong with pizza in Boston.

Ate lobster rolls at the beach. Justin's mom's clam chowder at the party. Homemade blackberry bread in the morning. Boneless pork from a Chinese restaurant. And pretty much everything within a one-mile radius of my face. Tail breach!

Spent an evening at the beach and, as the sun set behind us, watched the water and sky become the same shade of gray until you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. But I was too busy eating lobster rolls to notice until we walked to the car.

Watched the Red Sox at Fenway Park. So loud and so cool. A guy actually climbs a ladder to change the score on the Green Monster. Johnny's interpretation: They change the score from inside the Green Monster and the guy on the ladder paid for a special ticket. (The lawsuit waiting to happen ticket??) And then somebody hit a homerun over the green monster and it hit a car! Tail breach! Richie was sure that would be on the highlights of Sports Center.

Met a lady on the street in the North End and at the candlepin bowling alley who had three sons, too. I can't tell you how many times I meet mothers of three grown boys.

Found out Justin's brother Johnny and his wife Erin are having another boy! Justin's parents will still have all-boy grandkids!

Got a 73 at candlepin bowling--with bumpers! (Richie beat me with a 75.) I think it's a lot harder than "big ball bowling" as they call normal bowling in Boston. (Because there, candlepin, which has softball size balls and narrower pins, is more popular. As an aside, Justin was a child candlepin champion. Tail breach!) I love candlepin!

Made tie-dye shirts at a pool party and watched the big boys have a slam dunk contest off the diving board. Realized my oldest son is now one of the big boys...or almost. He was like, "I was doing dives and 360s; they were doing back flips and 460s."

Listened to the boys' uncle ask them, upon seeing that they were watch iCarly, "What are you, a bunch of cheerleadahs? Where are your pom poms?" I love how people in Boston talk.

Had a living room sleepover with all the Boston and Rhode Island cousins.

And that's only the half of it. J.J. cried his eyes out the night before we left. Johnny was like, "Could we move to Boston for one year?" I said that as soon as I made my first million, I was going to buy a summer place for us in the Back Bay. Well, my first 10 million.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd better buy 2 houses in Black Bay if you're leaving for a year. We'll need one. the trip sounds fabulous! i'm going to have Jeanne plan our next vacation. Glad to have you home - I wouldn't have wanted to leave!!! love, mom

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