Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Early Summer

Goggles. Check.
Sunscreen. Check.
Swim trunks. Check.
Sidewalk chalk. Check.
Heat and humidity. Check check.

Summer came a little early this year, and I say: Welcome. I'll take the high eighties and 100 percent humidity any May over a lingering winter.

Johnny and Richie get out on Friday, and J.J., next Friday. J.J. has kindergarten graduation on Tuesday. He's not in kindergarten, but has been talking about this since April. I don't know what happens at kindergarten graduation (we didn't celebrate stupid stuff like that when I was a kid) but based on his excitement, it must be a hoedown hootenany of a good time.

Even though J.J. is in preschool, he has kindergarteners in his class. Once they graduate, he'll be a kindergartener, which is the real reason for his excitement, I think.

Every day, he goes to school thinking it is the big day. I picture him waiting, thinking, "After, after, after, tomorrow!" I've told him it's next Tuesday, but what do I know? I'm a dumb 34 year old, whereas he is four and brilliant.

Since J.J. is almost in kindergarten, Justin and I are cracking down on fits. We cracked down earlier with Johnny and Richie, but now we are old and lazy. I know J.J. doesn't throw them at school (or I'm sure his teacher would have mentioned it by now!) But at home: yes. He wanted to wear blue shorts--not tan! Where are his sunglasses! Who stole his chapstick! (Whenever my kids lose something, somebody clearly pilfered it. As if we have a roving thief living in our house.)

Well, from now on, he goes straight to time out when he throws a fit. So there. Now who's the brilliant four year old? I am.

If you recall, last summer, I sent Johnny and Richie to summer camp every day, which Johnny protested by calling "summer school." Richie was put in cheese sandwich debtor's prison because I sent the lunch money in the wrong envelope. This year, I said they could stay home, but they need to occupy themselves. Johnny wants to mow lawns, but Justin wants him to be one year older. I told my dad it would be nice if things were like the old days, and they could sell The Saturday Evening Post, like my Papa did as a kid. My dad said it would be even better if they could work in a coal mine in which the ceiling was too short for grownups, so kids had to work it. Or there's always chimney sweeping.

I'm sure they'll stay busy. Between whiffle ball and Harry Potter, what's not to love about summer boredom? Plus, I'll be here, and I'm a lot of fun. Hey kids, who wants to do a science experiment?

I only have one book to write this summer--about alligator and crocodile babies--A light load. My first picture book comes out in one year. Save the date! Just kidding. I don't even know what the date will be. I am working on the mystery book idea. I've read three kids' mysteries. Just 97 to go. Then I can write my own, theoretically. Happy early summer!


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