Friday, January 08, 2010

The Twelve Days of Snow

First day of snow. Christmas Eve. We walk out of Mass and giant flakes are falling upon our shoulders. God bless us, every one!

Second day of snow. Christmas. The boys think the slush in the street looks like a rootbeer slushie. Johnny runs outside to help our neighbor shovel her way out of the alley to go to her brother's. He comes in pink-cheeked and cheery. We haven't had a white Christmas since I was a kid.

A few days later, it snows again. Justin takes the boys to Suicide Hill to sled. I walk the dog, noticing how the snow sparkles under the streetlights like a Nutcracker Advent calendar I used to have. I see the neighbors shoveling their driveway and sidewalk within an inch of its life. You know that's a form of water, I thought. And if left alone, it will melt. I send Johnny outside to shovel to give him something to do. He runs outside. Shoveling is fun!

School's back in session. J.J. has the day off because it's cold. What the what?

A few days later. More snow. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Oh, wait. We already had Christmas. But J.J. has been off school all week. Could his school district brainstorm with the people of Wisconsin to determine alternatives to closing the school when it's cold? A girl's got to work, you know. Now Johnny and Richie have a snow day. I send Johnny outside. "I hate shoveling," he mutters.

That night. The weatherman says an arctic blast is arriving. And maybe a blizzard. Now he's just reading off the Dairy Queen menu.

The next day. The snow looks different when it's this cold. Kind of blue. When the temperature reaches 7, I send the boys outside to shovel. I pay them three dollars to do our house and the neighbors. They magically love shoveling again!

Today. The Twelfth Day of Snow. Another snow day. Or is it a cold day? Our street still hasn't been plowed, which is fine. I enjoy a challenge now that I have my kickass minivan. But I'm beginning to understand why people up north don't like snow as much as we do. I think that after a couple months, it could be kind of a pain. Especially when it's cold outside. But it's only our Twelfth Day. And the temperatures are going to reach the high 20s on Monday. Sledding, anyone?


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