Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spider-dad, Spider-dad

J.J.'s party was a success. A mom from J.J.'s school came to the party with her four cute kids, who each brought a present. She was like the guardian angel of people not RSVP-ing! One was a slip n' slide, so the kids played in the plastic pool and on the slip n' slide, and did play dough. Then, while they ate their cupcakes, Spider-man came.

His pants were about six inches too short and he was wearing brown loafers.

He came out saying, with a thick Boston accent, "What is this, a birthday party? Psha Psha (shooting webs from his wrist.)"

J.J. looked shocked--even a little scared. Then he yelled, "Daddy?!"

He looked on the verge of laughter and tears.

The other kids were nonplussed. "Are you really Spider-man?" they asked skeptically.

So I had to say, "Spider-man was busy fighting bad guys so daddy came instead. Wasn't that nice?"

J.J. nodded and started laughing and shaking his head, as if to say, "Oh, mom and dad, if only I could peer into the tangled webs your brains sometime."

Justin said he should have disguised his voice. I can't imagine the overall impression that would have given, what with the loafers.

But will we try the same thing in July for the cousins party? Yes. Only with a shorter and less well-known Spiderman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a riot - thanks for blogging about it - I was dying to know how it went!!! I hope you got a picture of East Coast Preppy Spidey!

7:40 PM  

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