Monday, February 21, 2011

A Face to Face (Book) Conversation

This was my Facebook weekend. Watched The Social Network. I hope Mark Zuckerberg's ex-girlfriend friended him. I guess Eduardo had already friended him. Would he have un-friended him, I wonder?

Michael Scott on The Office once responded to the phrase "It's not personal. It's business" with something like, "Business is personal. It's the most personal thing in the world." I thought of that during the scenes between Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin in the movie.

It's just amazing the catch phrases people stake their happiness on.

By the same token, Eduardo didn't seem to have a very personal relationship with the business. Then again, he started out as the sole investor! That's pretty big right there. Well, I guess he ended up with a settlement, so his dad hopefully was proud.

Anyway, the next day, I went over to my mom's to add a profile pic and family pictures on her Facebook account. I could say something like, "Oh, no! My mom's on Facebook." Ha! Ha! Saturday Night Live. Except that I, too, am a mom. I have Facebook cousins who are only a couple years older than my son.

Idea for Zuckerberg: an option to "Cousin me" instead of just "Friend me." Friending family is great, but it would be fun to "Cousin someone" on Facebook. "Brother or Sister someone" on Facebook. Not only for relatives, but for people you grew up with or feel very close to or say, "What up, 'Cuz" or "Hey, bro" to.

I've been encouraging my mom to join Facebook for a long time because it's right up her alley. It's a "social" network. My mom is very social.

As her Facebook consultant/mentor, I suggested she add her maiden name to her account, so that high school friends could find her. When she told my dad, he immediately assumed it was her way of reaching out to former boyfriends. My mom said to put that in her info. "I'm interested in reaching out to former boyfriends." See? It's going to be fun to have my mom on Facebook.

My mom ordered pizza, and I had the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with J.J. People say nobody interacts face-to-face anymore because of things like Facebook, but J.J. and I do.

Me: (Daydreaming.)

J.J.: Do you want a hint?

Me: I'm sorry, did you ask me something?

J.J.: Here's a hint: pu pu pu. (In true lawyer fashion, J.J. never asks a question he doesn't know the answer to.)

Me: Pepsi?

J.J.: No. Pu pu pu. E e e.

Me: Pep talk?

J.J.: No.

Me: The best hint you could give me is to repeat the question.

J.J.: What is a flat meat?

Me: Oh. Pepperoni.

J.J.: Yes. What are some more flat meats?

Me: Besides pepperoni, Proscuto. Salami.

J.J.: What's salami?

Me: It's like pepperoni, only instead of being red, it's pink.

J.J.: (Giggling.) Is it only for girls?

Me: No, boys can eat salami. Do you think hamburger is a flat meat?

J.J.: Hamburger is a half flat meat.

Me: Okay. (Trying to think of the word "Braunschweiger.")

J.J.: (Losing interest)

End of conversation.

If you feel like your life has become too digital, I hope you enjoyed this window into what real conversations are all about. I can't believe I couldn't remember "Braunschweiger." Why didn't I just say liverwurst?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is too funny! How about road kill?

8:14 PM  
Blogger Timothy W Higgins said...


Heaven only knows where the tone and tenor of your conversation would have gone if you had brought in the entire cold cut family. And what about bacon, which lies flat raw but kind of wrinkles up during the cooking process?

That being said, JJ appears to have a rather clear and no-nonsense approach to life, along with the hint of a lack of political correctness. Has he ever considered running for political office?

8:29 AM  

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