Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Like" That's All I Have to Say

Ahh...a comment.

It used to be something you said under your breath. If it was too bombastic for the person standing next to you, what were they going to do, tattle tell on you?

Now the comment is for all to see. I'm a shy commenter. Even when it comes to under-the-breath comments. I like people to think I'm a sweet person, not the smart aleck that I truly am. So unless you know me well, or have beer, you'll never hear me comment on much of anything.

Add the in-writing component to the equation and I'm paralyzed. Rather than spend an hour figuring out what to say, I just hit "like."

I mean, like everybody, I sometimes go overboard and say too much. But in general, I "like."

I wish I could "like" emails.

Often, I'll read an email and think, "I like the person who sent this email. I like this email. However, I have nothing to say. I wish I could just hit like. Or write, "Grin.""

I dislike emoticons (why do they look like Pacman?) but wouldn't object to writing out emotions. "Sly smile." "Wink." "Glaring at you. Just kidding. Sly smile."

While I'm reluctant to comment unless it's a complete no-brainer "Congrats!" "Good Luck" "What is wrong with you?" (not the last one) or I actually know what I'm talking about (picture books, sometimes,) I love other people's comments.

I like knowing what they think. I like sincere comments. I like smart aleck comments. I like questions. It goes without saying that I don't like mean comments, but those misinterpreted as mean are always interesting. I think this situation would straighten itself out if questionable comments were followed by, "I mean that in an immature, inappropriate way, not a mean way."

Then there's YouTube.

I like to click on the videos while I'm working for background music. But often I can't resist watching the footage, and of course reading the comments.

Old country songs are some of my favorites. Likewise, comments on old country songs are usually pretty good.

On Highway Man, for instance, somebody commented, "Why do the other singers have to work normal jobs, like building dams and being a carpenter, and Johnny Cash gets to fly a freaking starship across the sky?"

Someone responded, "Because he's Johnny Frickin' Cash. That's why."

And the prior responder was like, "Ha Ha ur right."

See, we can have nice, civil arguments like this. Even in America.

Have you heard the song "Alone Again (Naturally)"? It's the saddest song ever. The guy gets left at the altar and decides to jump from a tower. Plus, his dad dies. His mom is devastated. And then she dies, too. Finally, the guy loses his faith in God.

So a lady wrote in the comments: "It always brings me such joy to hear this song."

My comment was, "Jeez, lady, I'm glad the worst day of Gilbert O'Sullivan's life brought such a smile to your face."

I didn't write that. She sounded like a nice lady. A true optimist! But I did say it under my breath, to Justin. Just like in the old days!


Blogger Timothy W Higgins said...

On the other hand Bridget, At least when commenting online we have the advantage of being able to edit remarks before sharing them. (Or with some of us, edit and edit and edit them.)

The idea of such comments being out there in cyberspace forever is pretty intimidating however. The lack of an 'irony' and 'sarcasm' key make it especially so, since attempts at humorous remarks online often fall flat or even worse, unintentionally offend. That some of us do not seem to have the sense to comment anonymously is likewise troubling (at least on a personal level).

I would suggest however, based only on what you put in this blog,that your comments would be well worth reading if you decide to share them; even without the emoticons.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous elsimom said...

We have been laughing at our house about how surprised we are that our parents let us listen to some of the old country songs - the "morality" (at least by the standards drilled in by said parents) is often highly suspect! Ruby, don't take your love to town (whoa!). Glen Campbell is a fine example - although Johnny Cash has people goin' around and threatening to shoot people and so forth. This isn't the Wiggles, that's for sure.
As for the commenting - I find myself typing long comments, and then realizing I wasn't adding anything, and deleting them without posting. In person, I'm pretty quick to let the comments fly, so I guess that means that online I'm actually MORE circumspect, even though I don't know the people personally most of the time. (Like you - I don't actually know you, although my sister assures me you are the awesome - and this blog supports that notion.).
Uhoh - long comment again. oops!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Midwest Mama said...

I love the comments--and appreciate the thought involved in crafting a comment (it takes me forever, after which I usually delete!) Keep them coming!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi honey, I'm HOME!! Just got in and had to ck your blog before going to bed. Very good entry. YOur 'under your breath' comments are always funny, so don't be afraid to share them. Good post! love, Mom

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love your "under the breath"comments, too...i can just hear you! so glad to see a post...i grabbed my coffee, sat down at the computer and there you were! YEAH! keep them comin'!!!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Judith said...

I came late to this blog (regularly visit your other blogs) and late to this entry. I *like* this post. While I'm not shy about commenting on Facebook posts or emails, I often agonize over finding 'just the right words' for my comments. SO many ways for for a non-verbal conversation to go bad! Therefore, unlike you, I LOVE emoticons (and exclamation marks!)! You'll rarely see one of my comments without either a smiley face or a sly smiley face! ;-)

7:49 AM  

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