Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thanks for all the Helpful Phone Call Reminders, Candidates

A lot of people vote on a single issue. Like, "Are you a Republican or Democrat?" That kind of thing.

I, too, vote on one issue: Did the candidate have a robot call me during Lost?

We have a rule in our house: No questions or comments during Lost. And DEFINITELY no recorded messages from politicians.

No seriously, voting on that issue would be selfish. I vote for God's will and the greater good. As opposed to evil and selfishness, like some people. I'm sure you know which side you come down on.

The good side, right?

That's why I limit my Election Day commentary to campaign annoyances. Because when it comes to politics, there's only two sides, My side, and the dumb and the wrong side.

But I wish those candidate messages allowed a rebuttal.

For example, "Yes, I know November 7 is election day. You have called me 50,000 times to remind me. I get it now. Contrary to popular belief among my children, I'm not a total idiot."

In addition, the candidates have sent seven different organizations to our house to ask us if we were going to vote. I swear these people have obsessive compulsive disorder. "Well they said they were going to vote. But let's call them again to make sure. And again. And again..."

Justin calls this The End of Political Ads Day. I don't mind all the negativity. But when they start talking about offshore bank accounts and tax shelters, I get jealous. I don't care which candidate has one. The message I hear is that politicians make so much money that one country isn't big enough to hold it. My husband and I don't make enough to warrant an onshore bank account, let alone an offshore one.

Well, rock the boat and rock the vote, is what I always say. Just don't say which side of the boat you stand on. Because in Missouri, there's a 50-50 chance it's the wrong side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

reminds me of something i heard once. A democrat and a republican are on a boat lost at sea. They asked an old lady, "If you could only save one, Who would you save?.

She said, "Save the boat!"

11:03 AM  
Anonymous mom said...

I know what you mean - they drive me crazy. Even Clinton called us and left a message which I deleted before I heard it- I'm going to call him back and see what he wanted maybe it was a social call -anyway we're busy. Another one is KU - yes we went there, but will they ever leave us alone - they call an average of 7 times/night. We never answer. I know they're saying " I'm never giving up until they answer - I know what they're doing!" There, I've vented, now I'll go read to the Kindergarteners.

8:42 AM  
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