Monday, October 30, 2006

It's a Hard Candy Halloween

It's bigger. It's badder. It's Halloween 2006. Like it or not--and I like it a lot--Halloween gets bigger every year.

Now it's like Christmas' rebelious kid sister. Both have candy. Instead of mistletoe, Halloween has cobwebs. Both have important music written in their honor. Halloween: The Monster Mash. Christmas: A Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton.

But wait...something's missing. Christmas has a meaning: Jesus bringing light to the darkness. What is the meaning of Halloween? This year, I read that the meaning of Halloween is making fun of evil in the world. Evil does not like to be made fun of because it has no sense of humor and thinks it's all that.

This revelation explained a lot of things. Like why my boys--and every boy at our school Halloween Fun Night--were dressed as scary things. Johnny: a giant spider. Richie: a dragon (but now he wants to be a vampire because a dragon isn't scary enough.) Every older boy: a ghoul. Or a storm trooper. Or a soccer player with a bleeding head. That one was surprisingly popular.

I can just see the parents: "Oh, God. Is it Halloween already? Here, put on your jersey and wrap your head in gauze."

This is all new to me. You see, I was a girl as a kid. I dressed as princesses, angels and Pippi Longstocking. One year I was a pig. But I was never a psychoskeleton. Or bad guy of any kind. (Except for the year my dad and I dressed as rural murderers Fay and Ray Copeland for a father-daughter dance.)

Things haven't changed for girls.

Most the girls at the school were princesses, cheerleaders, mermaids or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. So what is the meaning of Halloween for girls? Glamour, maybe?

Oh, who am I kidding? The meaning of Halloween, for girls and boys, is trick-or-treating. For grownups, the meaning is the candy they bring home. Justin and I tax the kids 10 percent off the top for living under our roof. I also garnish all Reese's peanut butter cups as payment for spending three hours looking for baby boy black tights for a certain bumblebee and a lost cape belonging to a vampire who shall go unnamed.

Of course, seeing how cute the kids look is payment enough...almost. I'll at least need the "picy" red hots that Richie will only spit out anyway and then act like his whole head is on fire.

Well, if a little vampire comes to your door this Halloween, you know how to scare him away--with cinnamon candy.

Happy Halloween.


Anonymous Mom said...

They were all adorable - the spider/4 legged monster, the vampire with the glossy brushed back hair and tux, and the little bumble bee in tights and rubbing his tummy under the bee suit. 165 trick or treaters this yr!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you took pictures!! I was saying all day how crazy it is that Halloween is now like Christmas. Parties,block parties, chaos...oh my!! Fun times, though! The kids were so tired!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!!

8:26 AM  

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