Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's a Circus Around Here!

This will make you jealous...or feel sorry for us, but when we go shopping, people give us things.

For instance, one day we came out of the grocery store and $20 was on my driver's seat. Underneath was a note that said, "Your boys were so good at the store, they deserve a treat!"

If by good, she meant racing up and down the aisles pretending to be cheetahs, then yes, they were very good.

On the way home, I thought about why she would do this.

Maybe she felt sorry for us because she overheard me telling the boys they couldn't have the Fear Factor popcicles, which cost an outrageous $3.35. They could get the freezie pops instead. When I was growing up, cost comparison was normal. Maybe it isn't anymore.

Or maybe she heard me ask them to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DIAL IT DOWN and thought I was on the verge of losing it.

Or maybe she was just really, really nice.

Of course, my sons are VERY good, just not at the grocery store.

Then we were at Walmart buying school supplies. A Shriner was outside taking donations for poor kids to go to the circus. As we passed by, I could tell he was going to say something. I was thinking about my answer. Like, "Wish I could help, but school supplies cost an arm and a leg this year..."

Instead, he gave us four of the poor children's tickets.

What was that supposed to mean?

No seriously, the man probably gave them to us because he knew that my brother dressed up as a Shriner one year for Halloween. That opened a lot of doors to shrines for our family.

Long story short, we went to the circus yesterday.

It was fun to watch Johnny and Richie crack up when Wally the Clown played music when he wasn't supposed to. The three grown men sitting next to us--with no children in tow--chanted "Go Wally! Go Wally!" throughout the routine.

We had to leave at intermission because J.J.--who missed his morning nap--declared himself--via body language--king of our section. Every light up toy was his. All his. "Hand them over immediately, you paupers," he seemed to say.

We would have bought our own, but they were sold out. (Ignore the bright shiny lighty things at the concession area children. They are mere illusions. Part of the magic of the circus.)

There's certain things you notice as a grown up at the circus that you don't as a kid. For instance, I can count on one finger the male circus performers who don't have a mullet. And it's a certain kind of mullet. Clean cut. Squared off in the back. The circuis mullet, I guess.

But mostly, the circus really doesn't change. The circuis acrobats still have opposable big toes, which allows them to grip ropes with their feet as well as their hands. The tight rope walker is still incredible. This guy did the Riverdance on a rope. Take that Michael Flatly! That Wally routine was going on when I was a kid. And after the circus, the boys great, great uncle George stopped by. "Did they have the motorcycle?" he asked.

And they did!

The boys' favorite part was the tigers. But Johnny remarked about their trainer. "That lady didn't seem like she liked the tigers."

That's exactly what I used to think during that part. And yet, the tigers never eat her up.

Some things never change. Thanks for the tickets, Shriners. And thanks, Josh, for getting us in good with them.


Anonymous Ma said...

I want to hear all about the circus from the boys. You must look very likable for people to give you things. As Nana always said "Bread cast upon water ,,,,,"

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

god loves the circus mullet

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the kids are going to the circus in a few weeks...they will have to compare notes!! I wish people would give me 20 bucks on the car seat!!! that is great!!!

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That type of mullet is called "the Missouri Compromise".
My pleasure on the Shiners deal, I guess it was just my calling to spend a magical Halloween night dressed as the "Magic Man" from down the street - just another character from 71st. Terr.

5:57 PM  

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