Friday, June 08, 2007

Endless Summer

Is it August yet? It sure feels like it. In fact, every morning feels like an entire summer.

Johnny is up at 6. He eats about three bowls of cereal (getting half into his mouth.) Then he runs outside and builds a commune for the rolypolies.

Next, he's ready for a science experiment.

They got a new book of experiments from their grandma and were very excited about it.

I can't believe I agreed to this one, though. It asks: What happens when you put a banana in a jar and let it sit outside for two weeks?

Answer: Fruit flies swarm the rotting banana. After some time, they lay eggs, which hatch into beautiful bouncing baby maggots.

But it was either that or the boys' first choice, which showed a picture of an egg on top of a jar and a fire inside the jar. That looked dangerous to me.

Next he waters plants with a squirt gun.

Finally, he creates a time capsul so that humans in the distant future (20 years, in his estimation) will know what kind of toys children played with in 2007.'s 9:30 a.m.

See, when it's just Richie, J.J. and me at home, things are more laid back. For one thing, J.J. is at work most the time. He lines up matchbox cars in a straight line all day. I think he's a valet parker or something for very tiny drivers.

Meanwhile, Richie colors. If something really good is on T.V.--like the Scripp's Spelling Bee--we watch that for a few hours.

But with Johnny home, it's a whole new ball game. Like soccer and basketball and baseball all in one and running on fast forward.

Second, we've blown through a $50 tank of gas already getting to parks and swim lessons.

Speaking of which, Johnny missed three of his lessons due to a fever and I asked if he could make them up. The lady said she'd have to see a note from his doctor.

That's the rule.

And thank God for it. Because somebody needs to keep mothers of young children honest. Otherwise, we'd go around faking that our children are sick all the time.

It would allow us to cancel important work meetings, skip much-needed trips to the grocery store and dispense medicines that increase hyperactivity--all while worrying that our children have a rare and dangerous disease that starts with a slight fever and sore throat.

As the boys wrestled in an arm chair, I mentioned that a trip to the doctor was out of the question. (I get sick just thinking about situations that require my children to sit still.)

She said most moms just called their doctors, who wrote notes without even seeing the children.

I can just imagine those "doctor's" notes:

Dear Swim Lesson People:

Annie has been sick, according to her mother.

Dr. Spock and Nurse Nightingale.

Well, my doctor doesn't write notes without seeing patients. And Johnny isn't even sick anymore. So the swim lesson people win this time.

But next time the pool closes due to "lightning" I'll need to see a note from a meteorologist.


Anonymous ma said...

What a funny blog - very entertaining. Sorry about the science experiment book. Oh, by the way, 3 more are coming!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Jeanne said...

That was so funny. So what your saying is we should prepare for a tornado ripping through the house when the Kansas City contingent comes to town? I may have to tweak the itinerary a bit. Can't wait!

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Shelli said...

I love your blog! It gives me the laugh I need before I sleep! I sent the link to 30+ people, 9 of which responded within an hour that you are now on their toolbar for quick access! Enjoy the day!

9:07 PM  

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