Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Plan

To clarify, Justin's knee did not pop out of joint. My brother Luke, a doctor, read that in this blog and called Justin ASAP. Apparently that is an actually medical condition that is very, very bad. I just thought it was a figure of speech.

What probably happened, the orthopedic surgeon told us yesterday, is that the sheath surrounding the knee tore and is caught in Justin's joint. That is the best case scenario. Another possibility is that cartilage tore. They'll do an MRI and then scope the knee to see what's wrong and fix it at the same time. In about six weeks, Justin will be back on his feet.

Meanwhile, I'm searching for a temporary job if you hear of one. I can write or edit anything, and also have public relations experience. I've written promotion peices, newsletters, articles, Web site material, press releases and letters for clients. I can also go to work long-term, if needed.

Other talents include: keeping my wits about me while everybody throws temper tantrums, eradicating poor behavior with a single guilt trip, loading 2,000 cups and glasses used just once into a household dishwasher, removing splinters while a three year old goes ballistic, making sandwiches as the ingredients disappear into little hands, etc., etc. Of course, I'll leave all that off the cover letter.

Now, I'm going to do some job searching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck. call me if you want the boys out of the house for a while! i think we are going to the pool.
<33 hannah

8:54 AM  

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