Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baby's Itinerary.

Put babies on a schedule, the parenting books tell you. They like the predictability of having naptime, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bathtime.

But in between all these times, babies keep their own schedule. If J.J., at 10-months old, wrote down his morning itinerary, it would look like this:

6 a.m. Sit up in crib, asking, "Where am I? Where's that lady whose arms I fell asleep in last night?"

6:05 a.m. Stand and clutch bars of crib, thinking, "Won't anybody rescue me from this prison? Aaa Aaa Aaa..."

6:10 a.m. That lady, Mama, rescues me, and I give her my, "Where have you been all my life?" hug.

6:12. Get a new diaper, drink a bottle and sit up with a big smile. Climb off mommy's lap and crawl into the kitchen.

6: 25. Dump out doggy's water. Splash in it.

6:26. Eat doggy's food (or try to, anyway.)

6:27. Chase cat and convince him to let me cuddle with him, like the doggy does.

6:30. Give up and find doggy. Lie head on his back for a quick rest.

6:40. Snap out of it and check out the toy area. As usual, no good toys are back here: No boxes of cereal to dump out. No car keys to hide. But this will have to do. Dump out box of blocks. Pick up two and wave them in the air like I'm conducting a symphony.

6:50. Go pay mama a visit. Listen to her hilarious jokes, such as, "Where's J.J.? Peekaboo!" Laugh hysterically.

7 a.m. Brothers wake up. They look like zombies, so I try to purk them up by telling some zingers of my own. Mostly I make rasberries, which cracks them up.

7:10. Eat some bananas and toast. Ask my brothers to give me a donut by saying, "Huh. Huh." They pretend like they don't know what I'm talking about. But they know.

7:30. Repeat to-do list from earlier this morning.

8 a.m. Attend homeschool, where my job is to crumple up papers, pinch my brothers' legs and taste-test the markers.

8:30. Meanwhile, my brothers just sit there, moving a pencil around on the paper. Honestly, I have to do everything around here. I could use a drink of milk.

9 a.m. After enjoying a bottle, I do some laps--five or six crawls around the house.

9:30. At this point, I'm ready to call it a day. I've been awake for hours--three and a half, to be exact. Goodnight, everybody. Wake me up before lunch.


Anonymous ma said...

What a doll! I love how he does the rasberries and smiles, knowing that it's funny! He and Quinn went back and forth with there new tricks from their strollers. Yesterday he crawled out of the living room. I said - where's JJ. Richie says "Up there!" I came running, he was on the 5th step!

6:54 AM  
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