Saturday, April 08, 2006

Is T.V. the Enemy...Let's Watch It a Little More to Find Out

Is Sesame Street out of line to create DVDs for 0 to 3 year olds? That's what people debated on an AOL message board a few days ago. I hope Kermit, Grover, Telly and the gang held their ears during this debate because the grownups were IRATE over this whole thing.

One woman said that America was looking more like Rome everyday, what with all the teenagers drinking at parties. Okay, I blame Burt and Ernie for that. They've been at the center of controversy before and I think it's pretty obvious that they are Romans. Remember that skit where Burt was feeding pigeons--obviously a metaphor for teenage drinking, i.e. the favorite passtime of the Roman Empire.

This shows how naive I am: I didn't know there were still parents out there who didn't let their kids watch T.V. Apparently, it decreases their attention span and brain washes them.

But I grew up watching T.V. and I'm fine. C is for cookie that's good enough for me. C is for cookie that's good enough for me. C is for cookie that's good enough for me...

I'm sorry, sometimes these little songs pop into my head and I have no idea why. The point is cookies really are good enough for me. And they start with c.

No, that wasn't the point. Why can't I think for myself anymore? The point is Sesame Street is such a great show. I don't understand why it's getting picked on. Any show with Aaron Neville making a guest appearance to sing with Kermit the Frog has my seal of approval. Even if it was the official show of the Roman Empire back in the day, which it wasn't. Come on, we all know that the emperor's favorite was The O.C.

T.V. gets a bad rap, especially children's shows, probably because there is so much junk out there. But I give good T.V. shows their due. From Arrested Development for grownups to Sesame Street for kids, they're well-written and acted. How can such a showcase of talent be bad?

I guess I have a problem with people thinking kids are easily brainwashed. Like they are little robots that can be programmed. If that were the case, my kids wouldn't use my good spoons to dig for worms.

Kids don't like cookies because T.V. tells them to. Kids like cookies because they taste good. Cookie Monster, for the record, is trying to eat healthy on the show. Now, if kids start saying no to cookies and yes to vegetables, we might be in trouble.


Anonymous mom said...

Here here!!! It sure didn't hurt my kids. "C is for cookie" - now I can't stop singing it!!!

6:21 AM  

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