Monday, January 15, 2007

Why J.J. Can't Have Friends Over

Johnny and Richie often have friends over.

Not J.J. If he had a friend over, they would be too efficient. And J.J. is pretty darn productive already. His job is...well, we aren't sure, but he must have one because he walks around here like he owns the place, rearranging this and that.

I can just imagine if he had another one year old on the payroll.

J.J.: Okay, we have a lot to do today, so no breaks unless it's for a really good reason. For example, cookies. We're going to start by moving the books from the shelves to the doorway.

Friend: How come?

J.J. The purpose is two-fold. A. it will block the doorway, which is annoying. And B. it will be loud, which will wake everyone up.

That done, they take a banana break.

J.J. Now, we're going to transport all the frozen fish to the dining room floor.

Friend: Why?

J.J. Why not?

Friend: Okay.

J.J. Next we're going to make clicking noises and rasberries...Okay, that's just a team building thing. Finally we're going to tackle my brother Richie. He'll think it's funny.

Richie: Ow, J.J.! You're laying on my head! Get off!

J.J.: See what I mean. He loves that...Well, we should call it a day.

Friend: Wait a second. Don't I get paid?

J.J. Yes. For payment, feel free to eat any food off the floor. I do.

So you see, until J.J. stops working so hard, we can't afford to take on another one-year-old busy bee.


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