Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spying on the Spies

As I watched T.V. the other night, someone came belly crawling in from the dining room. I looked over to see Johnny pulling himself along like a beached sea lion.

When he saw me see him, he yelled and collapsed as if my eyes were lazers.

Then he ran back into his room, where he was supposed to be asleep, as if nothing happened.

So last night, he made a sign that said "Spy Club."

"How do you spell 'catadoo?'" he asked.

"Catadoo!" Richie laughed.

"Richie," Johnny said sternly. "Don't. Say. Anything. Nobody can know that this word exists except you and me."

"What secret word are you wanting to spell?" I asked.

"Cat. uh. Doo," he said slowly.

"Okay, C-A-T-A-D-O-O," I said confidently. I'm pretty good at spelling fake words.

As he wrote, he covered his paper with his hand, so that I wouldn't see it. Then he ran off to hide the paper so that I would never know that the word "catadoo" exists.

From what I can tell, Johnny and Richie's spy club focuses on watching Justin and I watch T.V.

They used to sneak through the living room door closest to their bedroom. But now they sneak around the house and come through the dining room. That's their big top secret plan--code name "catadoo"-- which I witnessed the other night.

When Johnny came back from hiding the top secret code word paper, I told him, "Don't worry, I won't tell Daddy what your new spy plan is."

"Hah," Johnny said. "Because you don't know what it is."

So I guess the other night, he thought that I turned my head, looked straight into his eyes, but did not actually see him.

"That's right," I said. "I won't tell because I don't know."

I do know that all this sneaking around has Richie totally confused. He went to bed last night very proud of his dinosaur jammies.

"Check out me!" he said strutting into the living room at bedtime.

But then, after supposedly going to bed, he came out wearing brown corderoys and a brown truck T-shirt.

"Is it morning yet?" he asked.

It was 8:30 p.m.

Then Johnny came out fully dressed for school. He said he wanted to be ready before he woke up in the morning.

Finally, they both fell asleep in a heap of blankets on the floor by their door.

These spies have things all topsy-turvy around here.

Well, I hope they got the information they were looking for. Justin and I watched Friday Night Lights.

The boys might not be the world's best spies, but it sure is entertaining to watch them try.


Anonymous ma said...

That is so cute. They are such good buddies and have great imaginations! i asked what the pictures were in the spy book he made at our house. He said he couldn't tell me , that only he and Richie knew.

11:03 AM  

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