Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Clearing Our Junk

We dejunked the house on Sunday. I told the boys that if they put some of their toys in a garage sale, we'd split the profits.

"Will we make $9?" Johnny asked enthusiastically.

Let's see. Last year's garage sale netted $49 and included furniture. This one will primarily be McDonald's Happy Meal toys. $9 is probably a little optimistic. But getting rid of stuff is priceless.

We filled a trashbag with broken pieces of toys. For years I threw these in the toy box each night, hoping they would a. spontaneously fix themselves and b. find the 99 other pieces required for them to work properly.

In the process of cleaning, I found four chess pieces, two missing library books, two live crickets and a pile of cicada shells.

With our junk cleared, Johnny found room inside for his cobweb covered, rainwater dripping dinosaurs, which had been living outside--happily, I thought. This is good, though. It means the boys can entertain themselves inside.

This was a lifesaver yesterday when we got home from the grocery store.

You know when you put the food away in the refrigerator and to make room, you take out all the leftovers and eat them so they don't go to waste. But something has gone bad--maybe. To make sure, you keep eating it, and you realize, yes, it did go bad. And you have a tummy ache. So to counteract that, you eat some oyster stew that you cooked for lunch, but that makes it worse. You end up lying down, and to cheer you up, all your children jump on the bed so that you're flying up in the air. And you're like, "Hey, why don't you guys go make some chocolate pudding all by yourselves?"

And they leap off the bed and into the kitchen.

That's what happened yesterday. It was instant of course--no cooking required.

I told the boys what they needed and even drew a picture of what a wire wisk looks like so they could find it. Johnny brought back the plastic bulb we use to blow J.J.'s nose.

"That's not it." I said.

"Yes, it is," he said, pointing to my illustration. He was right. I did draw a buggar-sucker-0uter.


"You're going to stir the pudding with the thing we use to blow J.J.'s nose?" I asked.

Johnny laughed and went back in the kitchen and came back with a wire wisk. They made the pudding, polished it off and then played with the dinosaurs.

So cleaning the house has paid off already. Except that it makes me wonder what other frog food is wandering around our house. Well, I'm sure we'll find it when we plan our next garage sale.


Anonymous pat said...

Let me know when the sale is - I'll contribute to the boys fund with some of our lovely items in the basement and garage! Hope you're feeling better! You're brave to let them make pudding!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's my therapy..."de-junking" the house...i have been for the past 3 days and it's amazing what you find. i actally found missing puzzle pieces, missing shoes, old mcdonalds french fries (nice, right?) and so on..now Joe can play with blocks instead of the diaper cream container. Are we nesting? i laughed out loud picturing you on the bed with a belly ache and the boys jumping around!! awesome!

10:53 AM  

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