Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Job, Matt Suter

Another short blog today due to another paid assignment (Yea!) with the Liberty Symphony Orchestra.

I just wanted to congratulate Matt Suter of Fordland, Mo., for surviving a quarter-mile ride on a tornado. Kevin Murphy of the Kansas City Star wrote an article in yesterday's paper about the 19 year old, who survived the longest tornado flight on record during the March 12 storms.

After being knocked unconscious by a flying lamp, Suter was sucked out of the trailer that he lived in with his grandmother. The tornado lifted him into the air, carried him 1,307 feet and dropped him in a field. He awoke next to a piece of paper that had also been carried from the house. Worried that his grandmother and uncle were injured, he ran barefoot down a gravel road to the home of a neighbor, who called an abulance for them. They are recovering at a friend's house from injuries. Suter received five staples on a wound to the head.

Experts say that it's amazing that flying debris did not injure Suter more seriously.

The story ran in The Springfield News-Leader, and the national press picked it up. Now Suter might appear on the David Letterman Show.

The article in The Star says that Suter always wanted to see a tornado and said, "I guess I was lucky that night."

Now that's a positive attitude that is nice to see in the youth of America.

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