Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank You Eolai gan Fheile

I got a nice e-mail today from Eolai gan Fheile saying he linked to my blog about the St. Patrick's Day Parade. His blog,, describes goings-on in K.C.'s Irish community, links to other sites, and has funny tidbits sprinkled throughout. I hope he doesn't mind too much if I call it the People Magazine of Kansas City's Irish. You should check it out.

He gave my blog entry a nice write-up, and hopefully no one will want to kill me after reading it. Suffice it to say that in my younger years, the pen was stupider than the sword. I bend over backwards now--to the point of my head coming through my legs--to be a consciencious columnist.

Short blog today because I have a paid gig this week, writing about universal design for Kansas City Homes and Gardens. That is a style of home that allows handicap accessibility, whether you need it now or in the future. Really neat to see.

I'll tell you all about it in great length, of course, at a later date. I mean to the point where you're falling asleep, and saying, "We wanted the sitcom, not the miniseries. The brief, not the Sunday special report. The haiku, not the Illiad. The "hi-mom-it's-a-girl" collect call, not the four-hour phone conversation with your sister. The Baby's First Bible, not the King James version. The "sunny skies tomorrow" blurb and not the Doppler Radar report complete with footage of the weatherman and his dog's visit to Olathe Middle School. The...well, you get the picture.

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

will look forward to your article. Enjoyed this month's article on art and am looking forward to your pampered pets article next month in KC mag. Good job!!!

3:02 PM  

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