Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick Mom Advice: Don't Change out of Your P.J.s

I don't remember sore throats ever hurting as badly before I had children. It must be because, this weekend, I had so much to say to my children, but couldn't.

I was down with what seemed like strep throat. You know you're in trouble when your doctor tells you that you don't have strep throat and you cry.

It's just that Justin assured me that there was this magical medicine that the doctor would give me for strep throat and I'd be fine in 1.5 days. Instead the doctor told me to wait it out. It was a virus. It felt like people were having a bonfire in my throat, but, no it was a virus.

So, during the weekend I wanted to tell J.J. things like, "Stop hitting the Christmas tree with your pillow," or Johnny, "Are you Hansel and Gretal of lego land? Stop leaving a trail of legos wherever you go!" or Richie...well, Richie is actually a very nice person to have around when you're sick.

He kept patting my back and saying, "Do you feel better now?"

When we left the doctor, he said, "That went well. Don't you think?"

I think that, for kids, anytime you leave a doctor's office without somebody sticking you with a needle, it's a success.

Before leaving, the doctor said, "I'm sorry you feel bad. It's not easy being a mom when you're sick."

I agree wholeheartedly. Some moms might go so far as to let their toddlers eat half a jar of jelly with their bare hands in exchange for 15 minutes of sleep. Or even smear jam all over the countertops and in their hair and ears. Or let their five year olds watch T.V. for seven hours straight just so that they could lie down.

But the main thing to remember when you're sick: do not change out of your pajamas. Not even to an old sweatsuit. To your husband, if you're wearing sweats, you're on the roster. In fact, you're the quarterback. Sweeping floors. Loading the dishwasher. Telling the kids to stop running around. Did I say quarterback? I guess more like the janitor.

This is a good rule of thumb after you have a baby, too. A wise woman once told me to wear a nightgown for at least four weeks post partum. Otherwise, you'll have to go places and everything.

Like today, I was supposed to go to the grocery store. Because, seriously, Justin did everything around here this weekend. So it was going to be my way of pitching in. But I'm going to go tomorrow during the ice storm instead. I'd rather lace up my skates than chance having this thing come back because I didn't rest one last day.


Anonymous theirishtwin said...

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I have been anxiously anticipating a new posting and was hoping you were on an exotic vacation somewhere. Guess you were hoping that too! When I was in your position, my Mom always told me "This too shall pass." Used to piss me off, how about you? LOL Feel better soon!

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't go to the store during the ice storm!! Stay in and warm and rest and drink warm tea and stay in your jamies and get all the way well. I don't want you to feel that bad again. You can always fix green beans and popcorn for dinner - one of my best! Glad you're on your way back to health. I love you!

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is just the worst...parenting while healthy is hard enough. i love the advice about the nightgown after having a baby. that is great!!

10:50 AM  

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